About Us

Our multilingual content marketing team.

We believe that every brand has something to say—but not all brands are ready to be heard in every market. That’s where we come in.

We’ve helped 70+ companies around the world.

Our core values

We help companies create and distribute content that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or language.

People First
We understand that your business is unique, so our team works together to create content that speaks to your audience.

We make your brand accessible to new audiences by creating targeted content strategies that are customized for each region or country.


We believe in quality. In our services, in the way we treat our customers, and in the environment we work in.

Goal Centered

We create content that is tailored specifically to each market’s needs and preferences, to meet your company’s goals.

Image to know the frequently asked questions about localization, translation, and content strategy.

We believe that any brand can be global brand—whether it’s an established business or just starting out. 


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Our team

Gemma Balding

Content Specialist & Founder

Clément Caubet

Marketing Assistant

Lina Rodes

Social Media Manager