Content Creation

The effective way to reach customers

We create bespoke content that speaks to your target audiences.


We align your marketing and content with who your customers are and be part of the conversations that matter to them.

Global Exposure

We produce comprehensive content across multiple platforms and maximize your reach on local and international markets.


Whether your goal is to increase sales, grow brand awareness, or gain new customers, we make sure that everything is aligned with those goals.


We speak your target's language.

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less.

What is GBC?

We’re a multilingual content marketing team that specializes in writing, localizing and translating content for the web and other marketing materials.

How does GBC go about a project?

Our team will work closely with you throughout the process so that you can be confident they’ll meet your expectations while ensuring that quality standards are maintained throughout production. We also offer 24/7 support throughout the entire process so that you always feel like part of our team!

Why choose GBC over other agencies?

We understand that your business is unique, so our team works together to create content that speaks to your audience.

We also believe in quality. In our services, in the way we treat our customers, and in the environment we work in.


"90% of customers prefer custom content over generic ads."

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