The Importance of Video Game Localization

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In the second half the the 80’s, as the japanese video game industry poured more and more titles into a western market only just revived from the 1983 krach, badly translated ( referred as “Engrish” ) games such as  Metal Gear, Ghostbusters,  Ninja Gaiden or Battle Rangers began to flood in from the Pacific and very soon a need for westerners to help translate the japanese content of the games became apparent. The most proeminent exemple of “Engrish” stayed also in history as a “classic area” legendary meme : Zero Wing

The Japanese game included a character who announced: “All of your bases are now under our control.” When the game was translated for the English market, the phrase became: “All your base are belong to us.” The company’s mistranslation was mocked mercilessly as the phrase spread through Internet forums, into the media, and even onto T-shirts. 

Why is it Important ?

One of the main reasons localization is important is that it helps video games reach a wider audience. A game that has been localized into multiple languages will be able to appeal to players who may not have been able to enjoy it otherwise due to language barriers. By making a game accessible to players who may not be able to speak the language it was originally developed in, localization helps to expand the potential player base and reach more people who may be interested in playing the game.

Another important factor to consider is that localization helps build trust with players. When a game is localized, it shows that the developers and publishers are taking the time and effort to understand the needs and preferences of players in different regions. This can help to build trust with players and create a positive reputation for the game and the companies behind it.

Localisation is a crucial aspect of the video game industry that should not be overlooked. Whether it is to reach a wider audience, create a more immersive experience.

Here are our Favorites Localization Efforts Put up by Game Studios Over The Years

Uncharted Series

Uncherted 2 Nathan Draka hanging from a train in the Himalayas

The process of localizing the game dates to its inception, during the initial development process as opposed to after the English version was completed, wich makes Uncharted an excellent example of video game localization. Each new entry offered better localization and is now considered to have first-rate translations and voiceovers for a more genuine gaming experience. Fun fact : in the french version of the games it’s Mark Wahlberg’s official dubber that voiced the main protagonist Nathan Drake, which ironically lead him to voice another character played by mark Wahlberg in the movie.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The witcher 3. Gerald fights skinwalkers with a flame spell

The localization of this video game is so seamless that it can easily be mistaken for a native production in certain markets. The localization producer, who was hired to ensure the highest quality translations for various markets, went above and beyond by temporarily relocating to the country where the game was being developed for an even more authentic result. As an RPG, The Witcher requires extensive translation, including voice acting, and has received high praise for the voice acting in each of its translated versions.


FIFA e-sport commentators on broadcasting set.

The FIFA game franchise is known for its global appeal and widespread popularity. To cater to a diverse audience, the developers of FIFA localize the ingame commentary with famous commentators from each major markets to make it accessible to players worldwide. The FIFA localization process is an essential part of the game’s success, allowing players from different regions to enjoy the game in their native language.

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